Nebraska Casino generated $285,000 in less than a month

The first casino in Nebraska, situated in Lincoln, is the sole source of the state’s reported revenue on Monday night.

warhorse casino lincoln
Warhorse casino lincoln

Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission reports that in only a few weeks, WarHorse Lincoln generated $285,963.03 as revenue.

warhorse casino
Warhorse casino

In its first monthly report, the commission presented the statistics on Monday night. Which includes revenue breakdown

  • $200,174.12, as 70% of the Nebraska Property Tax Relief Fund
  • $7,149.07 as 2.5% of the Nebraska General Fund
  • $7,149.07 as 2.5% of the Compulsive Gaming Assistance Fund
  • To the City of Lincoln, at 12.5%, $35,745.38
  • $35,745.3 for Lancaster County at 12.5%
Nebraska racing and gaming commission
Nebraska racing and gaming commission

Tom Sage, Executive director of the commission, claims that they are aware of the value of the regular reports, which will be made public by the twentieth of every month.

warhorse casino at lincoln
Warhorse casino at lincoln

“Having means to regularly share the overall tax revenue and distribution develops public trust and is vital to transparent regulatory monitoring of our gaming business,” Sage added.

warhorse lincoln casino
Warhorse lincoln casino

The monthly report is available at

warhorse lincoln
Warhorse lincoln

WarHorse in Lincoln started on September 24.

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