Rex Orange County accused of sexually abusing a woman six times

British musician Alexander O’Connor, also known as Rex Orange County, is widely known for his song “Loving Is Easy“.

loving is easy
Rex orange county’s Loving is Easy

According to media reports, he has been accused of sexual assault six times in the UK.

rex orange county
Rex orange county

According to media reports, O’Connor is accused of assaulting a woman twice in London’s West End on June 1. The next day, he allegedly assaulted the woman in a taxi and then three times at his home in Notting Hill.

rex orange county
Rex Orange County

A statement from O’Connor’s publicist “Alex is shocked by the allegations which he denies and looks forward to clearing his name in court”.

Southwark crown court
Southwark Crown Court

He pleaded not guilty at Southwark Crown Court in London. His trial is scheduled for January 3.

rex orange county accused tweet
Rex orange county tween on july 2, 2022

In July, he wrote on social mediaHowever, it is not clear what those “personal circumstances” were.

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