Apple iPhone 14 new feature calls 911 on a rollercoaster too. 

The new Apple iPhone 14 feature which is meant to detect vehicle crashes also has an unexpected side effect.  

It dials 911 even on a rollercoaster, after mistaking the twists, turns, and hard braking of a thrill ride as a real emergency

Last month, Apple equipped devices like the iPhone14, Watch 8, etc. with gyroscopic sensors and high-G accelerometers that were trained to sense the impact of car accidents.

If the sensors detect an accident, your iPhone displays an alert and calls emergency services 911 if you don't dismiss it within 20 seconds

Although it's not really a wise idea to bring a smartphone on a ride.

Now avoiding the risk of a false 911 call could cause your iPhone 14 (and other devices) to be left behind on such a bumpy ride. 

Otherwise, you have the option to turn off the feature entirely or put your phone in flight mode

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