The iPhone 14 Pro Max is giving Apple the worst profit margin ever 

iPhone 14 Pro Max has Apple's worst component-to-retail price ratio ever

The new 4nm Apple A16 processor inside is expected to come in for $110. 

The New cameras that cost 50% more than the previous sensor 

Equiped with Samsung panels with the latest 12th-gen OLED technology that allows Apple to claim the "brightest phone screen" are also expensive. 

Components for the iPhone 14 Pro Max now cost $501—an all-time high for an Apple handset—given that Max models have been hovering in the $400-$450 cost range since the line's inception.

The cost of parts for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 20% more than the price of parts for the iPhone 13 Pro Max at launch.

Apple has no choice but to resort to the strategy of mounting high-performance devices to differentiate itself as it cannot compete on new functions