Ferrari  Launches New 499P Hypercar

The type number of the Le Mans Hypercar prototype as well as the configuration of the car’s internal combustion engine revealed on its official launch at Imola on Saturday evening.

The name 499 is the capacity in cubic centimeters of one cylinder of the car’s three-liter V6 twin-turbo powerplant, while the ‘P’ stands for the prototype.

The LMH’s V6 follows 120-degree architecture as the engine design in the new 296 GT3

The colour scheme  predominantly red livery with yellow trimms “When I see this car, it is clearly a Ferrari,” said Cannizzo. The rear lights is a single bar running the width of the rear wing.

No drivers have been announced for the LMH WEC program, “The choice of drivers will be from the Ferrari family,” he said.

Ferrari has so far completed more than 12,000km of testing on two 499P chassis.

the 499P’s race debut in the opening round of next year’s WEC, the Sebring 1000 Miles in March.

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