Houston Issues Boil Water Notice And Schools Closed | TODAY EXPOSE

According to Houston Public Works, the drinking and wastewater utility in Houston provides service to around 2.2 million consumers each day. 

After the city of Houston issued a boil water advisory due to a lack of water pressure at a filtration plant Sunday evening, officials stated all public schools, workplaces, and facilities in Houston will be closed Monday.

Fort Bend schools that are unaffected will remain open.

Earlier today, a power failure at the East Water Purification Plant caused the water pressure to go below the minimum 20 PSI as mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

To get rid of all potentially hazardous bacteria and other organisms, water should be boiled for at least two minutes before using for drinking, cooking, washing hands and faces, and brushing teeth.

Authorities are still looking into the reason for the power loss and how long it lasted.

Although the water pressure has been restored, the boil water notice will probably stay in effect at least until Tuesday morning to allow for the necessary testing, according to Houston Public Works.

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