Japanese Hero” dies to save a US soldier, a girl, and her mother

The Japanese manga artist Takahashi is being remembered as a "hero" after dying while attempting to save a US soldier, a girl of 11, and her mother from a riptide in Japan

On July 4, Bourgeau, a scuba diving instructor saw a local woman screaming for help as her daughter and a soldier of 39 were being swallowed by a heavy current

Takahashi also intervened and jumped into the water himself, one of Bourgeau's students spotted him struggling with the stream until he was completely swept away

However, the mother and daughter were saved but the soldier could not survive

Officials reported on July 6 that a dead body was floating in the water wearing snorkeling equipment. The next day was identified as Takahashi, 60

Coast Guard said, “there were damages to his body which could be caused by some sort of marine animal”

Kazuo aka “Takahashi”, is famous for the Manga series Yu-Gi-Oh! based on Yugi, a spiky-haired boy, became a global phenomenon, spawning trading cards, anime series, books, movies, and video games

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