Jenna Ortega's success has surprised her parents | TODAY EXPOSE

Jenna Ortega has achieved a lot in her short 20 years. The actress, who stars in 'Wednesday', Tim Burton's new supernatural series.

Jenna Ortega has always had the support of her parents, but even they've been shocked by her success.

Ortega, who is from a family with no connection to Hollywood, credits her success to a decision she made when she was just six years old.

"My mom literally said this to me yesterday - she said: 'I did not think you were going to be here.' Which is true! That’s what it is.

It was a chance occurrence as we had no ties to Hollywood. I rely on a six-year-old girl's judgement to sustain me, Ortega claimed in an interview with The Face.

Despite her young age, Ortega doesn't think she's been forced to grow up too fast. "I wouldn’t say that I felt I had to grow up fast. It’s kind of something I’d already done.

People have been referring to me as an old woman since I was eight years old, Ortega added.