Kim Had Sex With Pete Davidson in Front of a Fireplace to “Honor” Her Granny

Kim Kardashian's grandmother, who is 88 years old, helps a little bit with Kim"s libido.

Of course, The Kardashians' Hulu show is where Kim made this bombshell, mentioning to Mary Jo a piece of advice she received from her grandmother, "Sex in front of a fireplace is life-changing". 

Being a dutiful granddaughter, Kim tests MJ's theory in front of the fireplace at the Bev Hills Hotel with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson

However, Mary Jo was concerned that they committed the act in the foyer, where a fireplace is prominent, but Kim reassured her that it was in a different room

It's worth noting that when Kim revealed she had a surprise for the family, both Kris and Khloe appeared to be concerned she might be hurrying up with plans to marry Pete

That was not gonna happen because Kim and Pete are no longer together.

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