Taylor Swift creates history, top 10 slots on Billboard Hot 100

The top 10 spots on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart history first claimed by Taylor Swift.

Previously, Drake, a US rapper had nine of the top ten songs on the charts last year.

All the songs are from her latest album Midnights, released last week.

Rank 1. Anti-Hero 2. Lavender Haze 3. Maroon 4. Snow on the Beach 5. Midnight Rain 6. Bejeweled 7. Question…? 8. You’re on Your Own, Kid 9. Karma 10. Vigilante Shit

She achieved her ninth career’s number one with "Anti-Hero" which took the top spot.

The record of the most-streamed album on Spotify in a single day was also broken by Midnights.

Swift thanked her followers for "doing something mind blowing" after that news.

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