Top 10 News of the Week in World

Russia suspending its participation in Ukraine grain deal, blamed alleged drone attack on russian ship in Crimea. 

World must find ways to stop misuse of social media and crypto-currency by terror groups: Jaishankar

Following allegations, the UK Navy opens an investigation into sexual harassment on submarines.

Staffer for US Congressman Don Beyer dismissed after being found spying for China

UK denies Russian claims that the British navy destroyed the Nord Stream pipes.

‘Today is the last day of riots’, Iranian Revolutionary Guards warned protestors.

USA: A man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 38 years was freed following a DNA test

Twin car bomb blasts hit Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, leaving nine people dead.

Judge tells jurors not to see the "She Said" trailer during the Harvey Weinstein trial in Los Angeles.

'I felt I needed it to function': Wasim Akram pakistani bowler admits using cocaine after retirement.

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